Get Involved!: Bridging Isolation Care Packages

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People with disabilities are four times as likely to report being socially isolated as their abled counterparts, an issue that has been exacerbated by COVID-19. In response, Bridge has launched a care package project to send a simple message: You are not alone, we care about you.

Build a Care Package, Build a Bridge

Two light-skinned women in surgical masks stand next to a table covered in care packages and supplies.
Local churches have donated hundreds of items for Bridging Isolation Care Packages.

This project relies on the dedication and generosity of our supporters, who have collected hundreds of health items, activities, and snacks to send to our friends in quarantine. Many of our recipients fall into a high-risk category and so, even as things begin to open around us, plan to continue to quarantine indefinitely. We plan to continue sending our messages of continued care and support as long as our friends are unable to meet with us in person, which means there’s still plenty of opportunity for churches, community organizations, and individual supporters to get involved.

Get Involved

Bridge is looking for donations of items for care packages, complete care packages, and money to help us purchase supplies. We encourage you to get creative when collecting or purchasing items, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Items for FriendsItems for Caregivers
Boxed mixes: muffins, cake, corn bread.Treats: Chocolate, instant drink mixes, tea.
Entertainment: Activity books (e.g. word search), room decorations, fun socks.Entertainment: book of jokes, trivia cards.
Non-perishable food: rice, beans, canned tuna, healthy bars, canned soups, fruit sauces.The recipe for a favorite dish and the ingredients needed to make it.
Personal care: toothbrushes, lotion, bubble bath.Misc: a small plant, gift cards, chap stick.
Spiritual encouragement: Bible verses, prayers, and notes of encouragement.Personal notes: Expressions of thanks and appreciation for the work caregivers are doing for our Friends.

Care package contents will be dropped off at our offices, where they will be assembled and delivered by our staff—allowing us to ensure compliance with CDC mandates regarding packaging, labeling, and delivery. If volunteers from your church would like to accompany a Bridge staff or volunteer on delivery days, please let us know.

Get in Touch!

Please contact us for more information on getting involved in the Bridging Isolation Care Package project. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bill Munson, Spiritual Connections Coordinator (425) 471-4530 |
Bailey Cornell, Spiritual Connections Team Member(425) 885-1006 ext 117 |

Published by Cole Peake, Communications Specialist

Cole spent the first decade of his working life providing direct service to individuals with disabilities as a caregiver, job coach, and peer counselor before embarking on a career in editing and communications. Proudly neurodivergent, Cole is dedicated to disability justice and passionate about creating communities of care in which all members can thrive. He holds both a BA in English Language and Literature and a Certificate in Editing from the University of Washington. On staff since 2020.

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